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Cultivated Variety in Vanua Levu

Classification of the Theobroma cacao L. species

1.Trinitario Amelonado

This variety has relativery round seeds. Sometime, Criollo like whitish color ar cross section. It takes 2-3 days for fermentation.

2.Forastero Amelonado

Common throughout Fiji because of juicy fresh? It was supposed to be more protective against disease. But in reality, it is more to the cultivated enviroment than the variety. Sometime this variety gets really big up to 20cm It has very flat purple beans. Larger ones can be stored for longer days. Oily beans and good for the butter.

3.Trinitario Angoleta

Beautiful pink cacao with round seeds. It has short fermentation time and more flavor but less oil.

6.Trinitario Cundeamor

Rocket like narrow shape with rough surface. Very thin pericarp and not last long for storage. Less oil and more flavor. Easily germinate.